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The Perspective With Mano Guiragossian

Dec 24, 2020

Arjun is a brand whisperer with 30 years of experience of Big Wins

His corporate experience includes:

- Working as Papa John’s International, Senior Executive where he Led the 3,000-restaurant chain to 4-years of record growth

- He built the first-ever online ordering system with $1 billion in annual revenue today


Nov 26, 2020

Jonathan is the Founder and CEO of Wonsulting, in the course of his career he worked in the biggest companies such as Cisco, Google and Snap

He led +160 workshops on LinkedIn and Personal branding and spoke in corporate companies talks such as LinkedIn HQ, Samsung, Google and Lyft.

On this episode, we talk about many...

Nov 16, 2020

Dov has been named one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Leadership Speakers to Hire, and has travelled the world speaking to every kind of groups. He was named as one of the top 30 Global Leadership Gurus and he’s also the bestselling author of several books and a host of two top-rated podcasts.

Oct 26, 2020

Jenn, is one of the authors of Instagram For Business For Dummies book, she’s an Instagram expert and globally-recognized blogger, speaker and consultant featured in Huffington Post, BBC News, Yahoo Finance and many other publications

Oct 11, 2020

On this episode, I share my story on how content helped me to level up my business and career to get more leads, clients and build valuable relationships.

8 Weeks Content & Personal Branding Program: